Malou Beauvoir Amazes In “NWAYE” (Review)

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“NWAYE” will touch your mind, body and soul!

Malou Beauvoir’s Spiritwalker is a powerful body of work! It features beautifully crafted music that makes sure it instills nothing but wisdom into its listeners minds through some pretty soulful vibes. One of my favorite tracks off of the project is “NWAYE” — a rebellious tune that fearlessly asks the question, “Why are we conforming to the beliefs, ideas and sentiments of people that don’t understand our race, religion, gender or sexuality?” Deep, right?

I love how daring Malou’s vocals are throughout this song. With each note she delivers, you can hear this level of passion that feels as authentic as it gets. You can tell the sentiments she lays out means something dear to her, which is the main reason I believe “NWAYE” is special.

Make sure you check out “Spiritwalker” on all the major streaming services when it releases November 1st!



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