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Malou Beauvoir Pays Homage To Her Haitian Culture In “Kouzen” (Review & Stream)

Kouzen is the second single off of Malou Beauvoir’s upcoming “Spiritwalker” album. 

Malou Beauvoir is a talented songstress that sings from the heart and speaks from the soul. In her upcoming “Spiritwalker” project, she shines bright, gifting us with soulful gems that aim to dish out wisdom while also alleviate stress from the soul. One of the lead singles off of “Spiritwalker” is “Kouzen” — a powerful dedication to the Vaudou spirit KOUZEN ZAKA and Beauvoir’s Haitian culture. I love how comforting Malou’s vocals are throughout, as she navigates through the hip hop/reggae-inspired instrumental with such ease. I also love the overall message of hard-work and humility that ZAKA represents, sentiments that we all can learn/gain from.

Make sure you check out Malou Beauvoir’s “Spiritwalker” project when it drops November 1st! Trust me, it’s an absolute treat.



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