Fortnite Rap

JT Music Cover ‘The Video Game Of The Year’ In “Fortnite Rap” (Review & Stream)

Gamers and rappers are cut from the same cloth, guys!

You’ve heard of ‘boom bap rap’ and ‘trap rap,’ right? How about nerdcore rap? If you haven’t, Christian Ames and John Gelardi (JT Music) has you covered! With over 10 years of experience dabbling in the unique sub-genre, the duo have been dropping music (and videos) left and right about our favorite video games through some impressive flows and clever lyrics. In today’s installment, they tackle the biggest game of the year, holding absolutely nothing back when it comes to the madness involved in it.

Fortnite rap is explosive, melodic, and pretty lyrical. On it, both of our heroes describe the good, the bad and the ugly about the ever-so popular battle royale game, describing their experiences down to a tee on their verses. I am not an avid player of the game, but I even found myself saying “That is so true!” throughout listening to it.

Singers Fabvi and Divide add passion to “Fortnite Rap,” giving us something that is heavily melodic and highly intoxicating. I found their part in the song as a perfect change of pace to everything else you heard.

I don’t want to give you the full spill about what this song is all about, so you need to go ahead and press play on the video to find out. Trust me, it is very entertaining!

JT Money, do you think you can make a Super Mario Bros. 3 song for me us next time? That’s the one game I am obsessed with!



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