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Maria Herz & Ron Starr Drop A Christmas Gem In “Silent Night, Lonely Nights” (Review & Stream)

Christmas is on its way, folks! If you aren’t feeling the spirit yet, this song will give you a well-needed wake-up call.

Maria Herz is a special singer. In my opinion, there is no note she cannot reach, and her music tends to give off nothing but heartwarming vibes. In her latest single, a duet with Ron Starr titled “Silent Night, Lonely Nights,” both artists were able to gift us with this refreshing Christmas tune that meshes together jazzy vibes, a sax solo to die for (Kudos to Josh Beatty), blissful lyrical content and astonishing vocals. To call the song beautiful is an understatement bigger than the Christmas tree in Rockefeller.

In all honesty, musicians don’t make Christmas tunes that are this quality nowadays. I applaud Maria and Ron Starr for their outstanding effort here, and look forward to playing this gem over and over again during Christmas day!



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