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Mariah Carey Flips A Junior Mafia Classic In “A No No”


Mariah Carey


Mariah Carey can do whatever she wants…

One of the first songs I fell in love with by The Notorious B.I.G. is actually “Crush On You.” I think his contributions to the song are pretty catchy. It seems like Mariah Carey also likes “Crush On You” because she decided to drop a new single called “A No No” today — a song that practically hijacks Crush On You’s whole identity.

On “A No No,” Mariah Carey sings pretty fearlessly. As for lyrically, throughout the song, she calls out a dude that she’s been dealing with that simply isn’t cutting it when it comes to being a lover. All in all, I think that “A No No” is a song that is highly infectious and the perfect successor to Junior Mafia’s biggest hit to-date.

Mariah is still complaining about dudes after 30 years? Maybe she should settle for being asexual…

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