Misundastood Calls On Skooly For “Fire” (Review & Stream)


Misundastood and Skooly are on fire, and it doesn’t sound like they want to be put out.

Misundastood is one of those rappers that can spit bars with the best of them, but at the same time, is more than capable of creating a solid banger. “Fire” is a combination of both worlds, as it boasts this heavy-hitting instrumental that will probably get the cops called on you if you played it on some big ass speakers. Over this instrumental, Skooly gives us something exhilarating on the hook, utilizing this rowdy approach to get stoners and party-goers alike off of their seats.

On both of his verses, Misundastood keeps s**t all the way real, talking about smoking on the finest of green, dabbling in the strongest of drugs and wooing the baddest of chicks. What I love about his part is that he delivers his bars effortlessly, never stressing a single lyric.

Skooly has the second verse on this song, and he definitely pumps it with some well-needed energy. Not only does he utilize some dynamic flows on his part, but his words are also as trill as it gets, as he brags about everything from stealing our women to being prepared to take on the ops. Who can hate on those confident bars?




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