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MoneyBagg Yo – RESET (Album Review)

When it comes to listening to authentic/unadulterated trap music, MoneyBagg Yo is one of my go-to-artists! Something about his persona resonates with me, despite the fact that the words ‘Money Bag,’  ‘Trap’ or even ‘Yo’ represent things I know absolutely nothing about. Anyway, in his first studio album, he looks to put all the supposed real ones onto game, gifting us with a fifteen track doozy that almost plays like a hood bible.   





“Midnight Patek” features MoneyBagg Yo’s most dynamic effort.

Over this mind-numbing trap instrumental, MoneyBagg Yo does everything from deliver a passionate hook to put n***as in their places on his verses. Aside from that, I think he rides the beat he was served with masterfully, finishing each bar with great energy.

Anytime rappers incorporate some college basketball s**t in their raps, they are undefeated.




Every trapper has to have at least one love song on their album, right? “Tryna Do” is just that!

Powered by this trunk-rattling yet smooth instrumental by Hitmaka, Jeremih drops off this repetitive/melodic hook that sets the tone for some mushy s**t.  MoneyBagg Yo takes advantage of these vibes, getting sentimental about his main chick, applauding her for staying around through the ups and downs. He also talks about beating the kitty cat up, too, inquiring about threesomes and possible locations to have sex in. S**ts freaky, but when you got yourself a down ass chick, you should definitely be open to freaky.

Don’t you find it funny how women get aroused by wrestling moves being done to them? Do you know how fast my johnson will shrink if a women threatened to do wrestling moves to me in the bedroom?




For anyone that made it in the rap game, “They Madd” should resonate with you greatly. Over this passionate instrumental, MoneyBagg Yo lets the world know that he’s figured out why they are so peeved at his success, and it is not because his cars take up two lanes.

Almost sounding like he has a smirk on his face, MoneyBagg Yo lays down this melodic hook that has him pointing out all the things that can make a n***a that is struggling hate him. However, on his verses, he lets us know that he isn’t sweating any of his haters, reminding us all that he’s ready to go to war with all of them if need be. I enjoy the raw nature of the track, as MoneyBagg excels coming across like a real one despite being very unrelatable to n***as that aren’t making over six figures. I also enjoy how the song does its job of getting stuck in your head with its very catchy approach.




“Chanel Junkie” is destined to end up in every major hip hop club by COB today. The bass on the instrumental is so heavy that I’m sure it’ll f**k your speakers up, while the flute in the background solidifies its trap legend. MoneyBagg Yo hops on the song like a n***a that just won a scratch-n-win, getting aroused by his designer s**t, drugs and scandalous women.

This song features one of the first verses in a while by Future that I fully enjoyed. For parts of it, he sounds like a homeless musician that sings for money, but eventually, he gets going, playing the hypeman the song needs. This version of Hendrix is the one I enjoy.

I feel like Future should’ve been the one rapping on the hook to this joint… You think he wrote it?



1.. SAY NA

“Say NA” is the long-anticipated collaboration between J. Cole and MoneyBagg Yo.

Before you even hear from J. Cole, MoneyBagg Yo blesses us with this catchy/amusing first verse and hook that is probably fun as s**t to play hop scotch to. Content-wise, he talks about his lavish ways of living, while ignoring haters, ops and competitors. I personally love his contributions for its nonchalant nature.

To many, the pairing of MoneyBagg Yo and J. Cole is probably odd as s**t, however, if you are a major fan of the Dreamville Honcho, you know that he is more than capable of dropping bars that are centered around savagery. On his verse on this song, he matches MoneyBagg Yo’s energy, spitting out bars like he had a bad taste in his mouth. Unfortunately, his part is very short, but it definitely doesn’t lack when it comes to impact.

We’ve gotten a lot of Cole in 2018!


1. OH FUCK (4/5)

2. SAY NA (5/5)

3. THEY MADD (4.5/5)



6. IN HER VOICE (4/5)

7. RESET (4/5)

8. LOWER LEVEL (4/5)


10. JUNGLE (4/5)

11. FALL DOWN (3/5)

12. INDUSTRY (4/5)

13. OKAY (4/5)

14. TRYNA DO (4.5/5)




I’ma fan of MoneyBagg Yo, but even I was surprised at how good this album was. “RESET” was passionate, funny, deep, real, and high-octane. It featured a great mix of bangers, love songs, wisdom and lyrical gems. I thought MoneyBagg Yo kept listeners entertained from start to finish on it, never lacking energy or forgetting the importance of his overall message of trillness.

The beats on “RESET” were explosive, trunk-rattling, high in energy and refreshingly trap. I felt like Moneybagg Yo knew the exact s**t that will gas him up to be this force to be reckoned with, and producers like Hitmaka, Tay Keith and more gave it to him. Well done, producers!

The rapping on “RESET” was gutter, dynamic, and surprisingly, clear and concise. Unlike many other trap artists, MoneyBagg Yo is clear as day (F**k mumble rap), doing a good job of putting a major emphasis on words that will trigger a reaction from women, haters and competition alike; this is one of the main reasons the album felt extrapolating to listen to from beginning to end. Aside from that, our hero did a great job of diversifying his topics, touching on real ass s**t just as much as material s**t. I definitely liked the balance he showed (Lowkey, I thought his punchlines on this album were solid).

The features on “RESET” came from major artists, but each individual blended in well on their respective songs. I thought Future and MoneyBagg Yo had the best chemistry, but don’t sleep on the dynamic performances by Kevin Gates, Jeremih or J. Cole! BTW, this is the first trap album that didn’t feature Gunna this year.

For all these years, I’ve failed to give Memphis their due diligence for breeding star rappers. In my opinion, MoneyBagg Yo is a star, and in due time, I can see him truly becoming a household name (In my opinion, he isn’t there yet). I think this is a good time to figure out what the f**k the Yo in both his and Gotti’s name means…

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