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Gabe Gizz And Tijo Are Focused On Getting To The Bag In “Money Dump” (Review & Stream)


Gabe Gizz and Tijo show no mercy to the beat they was served with on “Money Dump.”

If you didn’t know by now, Gabe Gizz is one of those artists that spits hard but also has this knack for dropping something exhilarating. In “Money Dump,” he follows this style of rapping, gifting us with this grungy banger that has him doing absolutely no smiling and droppin’ nothing but gutter vibes.

With the instrumental to this song giving off this dark feel, Gabe absolutely loses his s**t, delivering nothing but tough ass bars revolving around getting guap, reaping the benefits that come with success and flossing. I love the animation he raps with throughout, as he comes across like a bad guy that isn’t afraid to express how much he loves his money-making ways.

Tijo is featured briefly on this song, and in his part, he gives us something gritty and impressive when it comes to flows. I think he compliments Gabe’s sound really well, adding a different vibe to the track.

Something about getting to the money brings out the villain in people, right?



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