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Blac Chyna Links Up With Yo Gotti & Jeremih For “Deserve” (Review & Stream)


Aw s**t, someone gave Blac Chyna the mic again…

If there is a lesson to be learned from Cardi B’s fame, it is that former strippers have some of the best star appeal. Today, Blac Chyna puts this theory to the test. In her debut song, “Deserve,” she calls on Hitmaka (Who seems to be on everyone’s s**t nowadays), Jeremih and Yo Gotti to help roll-out the red carpet for her music career.

After a pretty dope build-up, you get a chance to hear Blac Chyna spit, and in my opinion, she is pretty decent! On her verse, she raps like she belongs, shaming competition and hyping herself up utilizing this swagged out approach. As for Jeremih and Gotti, they add an extra layer of grit and sensuality to the song, both killing their respective contributions.

So far, I like what I hear from Chyna (And by so far, I mean one song in)! Per 36 minutes, she might be a top 5 rapper of all time!



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