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Tee Grizzley & Chance The Rapper Link Up For “Wake Up” (Review & Stream)

This is the oddest couple since Lee and Carter.

On the low, Tee Grizzley has been showing some versatility in his music these last couple of months. On his latest album, he showed an ability to sing, gifting us with a few tracks that were heavy on the melodic side. In “Wake Up,” he displays yet another side to his artistry, linking up with Chance the Rapper for this uplifting banger that has him dishing out wisdom to n***as in the hood and Chance rapping as aggressive and outlandish as I’ve ever heard him rap. Does the combination between the two work? Most of the time…

Who would’ve thunk that in a song featuring Tee Grizzley and Chance The Rapper, the latter is the one that had me shook?



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