Hip Hop

Meaux Thugs Opens Up About His Hood In “Honest Sinner” (Review & Stream)

Meaux Thug is a real one for this joint! 

Meaux Thug is no different than your average dude that wants to make it out of the hood, but the way he pieces these sentiments together in “Honest Sinner” will definitely touch your soul. Over this passionate instrumental, the Abbeville native touches on deep ass topics such as hearing gunshots at night when he was younger, having no remorse for his ops, and the pressure he felt trying to make it out of the hood. He also talks about staying true to where he’s from, promising to always give back and never forget the ones that was down with him from day 1. I love how raw our hero spits, as he opts to leave his flashy bars by the wayside for the full duration of his verse. I also love the emotional contribution that you get from the vocalist on the hook, as she adds an extra layer of urgency to a track that is already highly dramatic.

I know we usually dwell on the saddest hood stories, but on the real, we need to pay attention to ones like “Honest Sinner” more.




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