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Ice Cube Unleashes Vitriol At Trump On “Arrest The President” (Review & Stream)


I’m pretty sure we won’t arrest the president, but I applaud Cube for his carefree imagination.

If you know of Ice Cube, he has a history of being this rap figure that isn’t afraid to call it how it is when it comes to politics and people in high positions (This is way before “Are We There Yet” days). In “Arrest The President,” the Cali legend gets his chance to go toe to toe with the head honcho of America, delivering this hardcore rap track that has him reminding the world that he’s still the toughest out while showing absolutely no respect for citizens he doesn’t agree with. I wish he had more direct attacks at our head of state on the song, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers.

Something tells me Cube knows something we don’t…If you listen closely, the n***a said, “We already have enough evidence.”



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