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Desiigner & Lil Pump Do Some Traveling In “Overseas” (Review & Stream)


Two of my favorite ignorant rappers in the game decided to unite for “Overseas.”

If I were talking to a cop, I wouldn’t want to have neither Lil Pump or Desiigner in the vicinity. However, if I wanted to make a banger, I wouldn’t mind having them on my team! In Overseas, fortunately, we get the latter, as both of Kanye’s young music plugs go back and forth over this piano-heavy/trunk rattling instrumental. Each talk about their luxurious items and how they can f**k b*tches easier than 1, 2, 3 on their verses, utilizing a style of rap Ralph from The Simpsons will love. Overall, the song is reckless, but reckless is a good look for both artists.

You wanna know how I’m old? If I went overseas, I wouldn’t be worried about f**king b*tches, I will be all about that museum life!




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