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Tyler, The Creator Is In Pure Form On “I Am The Grinch” (Review & Stream)


Tyler, The Creator thinks he’s the Grinch, just like I think I am Kobe Bryant!

Tyler, The Creator has shown his importance to The Grinch soundtrack. He is responsible for the theme song to the movie, and today, yet another single from the movie has hit the net by him.

“I Am The Grinch” is the definition of quirky. On it, Tyler continuously does his best to convince the world he’s The Grinch by shoving down these grungy raps about his way of living as the greedy green goblin throughout (I am assuming he’s a Goblin). Surrounded by his raps are lots of gleeful singing and a Christmasy instrumental, setting up the perfect mood for some milk, cookies and colorful socks.

I may or may not watch The Grinch, but I definitely f**k with the marketing scheme behind the movie.



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