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Lil Wayne Releases The Post Malone Version Of “What About Me” (Review & Stream)

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I knew there was no way in hell “What About Me” was supposed to feature Sosamann.

One of my favorite tracks off of Lil Wayne’s “Carter IV” album was “What About Me.” I felt like it had a melody to die for, and in terms of vocal performance, I thought Wayne did a great job of showcasing how decent his singing voice is capable of being. Today, the New Orleans native decided to release a remix to the track, and much to my surprise, it features Post Malone. Though his part is very small, he does add this additional layer of soul to the track that convinces the world that gangstas have hearts, too. In all honesty, I think the song feels a lot more complete now, which means I can finally add it to my coveted bedroom playlist.

On the real, Post Malone is a helluva singer…



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