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Tiffany Evans Shows The World Another Side Of Her In “Switch Up” (Review & Stream)


Tiffany looks unrecognizable in that single artwork. She looks like a City Girl now.

Ya’ll remember Tiffany Evans? She was that adorable American Idol contestant that ultimately got a chance to link up with Ciara for the very cutesy “Promise Ring” track back in the day. Today, she decided to return to the scene, gifting us with this brand new banger called “Switch Up.” On it, she talks about breaking up with her n***a (Yes, she used that word) after he tried to give her the role of regular chick in their relationship. Interestingly enough, Tiffany minces no words on her verses, showing off this persona that has her coming across like the female version of Rico Suave. I definitely f**k with the song for its energy, I simply have to get used to this brasher version of the South Bronx singer.

Tiffany warned us that she was grown now like 10 years ago, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised with what I heard today.



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