Hate To Say

Zebulon Krol’s “Hate To Say” Is A Soulful Gem (Review & Stream)

Hate to Say Cover.jpeg

When it comes to figuring out the mindset of a woman, Zebulon Krol is an expert.

Zebulon Krol is a passionate crooner that does a great job of pushing boundaries when it comes to making R&B music. In his latest single, “Hate To Say,” he does that and more, gifting us with this soulful banger that has him navigating through the mind of a taken woman utilizing some pretty smooth vocals and touching lyrical content. I love the passion Krol shows throughout, as it legitimately feels like he’s enamored in the situation at hand. Aside from that, he does a great job of drawing you in with the hypnotizing nature of the song’s instrumental. All in all, I am a fan of what I heard here!

America, why is it girls that are taken are the ones that look the best?



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