Altered Cinder

Luxury Eviction Hypnotizes In “Altered Cinder” (Review & Stream)

Luxury Eviction cover.jpg

Luxury Eviction had me under her spell in “Altered Cinder”

Luxury Eviction is a multi-instrumentalist, illustrator and writer that typically does her best to stand-out in an art form that has become a bit mundane-sounding as of late. In “Altered Cinder,” the unique songstress was able to create this hypnotizing tune that has her keeping her vocal levels at a minimum over this futuristic instrumental. Lyrically, I feel like she connects with listeners through some pretty poetic words, and when it comes to artistry, I think she did a good job of showing several different sides of her character.

I would love to know what “Altered Cinder” means to Blair B…



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