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Tyler, The Creator, Santi Gold & Ryan Beatty Created The Perfect Christmas Carol In “LIGHTS ON” (Review & Stream)

Do you think The Grinch soundtrack will be an all-time great?

Tyler, The Creator has done a magnificent job of creating a musical body of work that perfectly illustrates what’s going on in The Grinch’s head. Yes, dude is a monster and all, but you can tell that he has his moments in which peacefulness takes a slight stab at his heart. Anyway, in “LIGHTS ON,” the Odd Future honcho was able to orchestrate this feel-good yet dark tune that has Santi Gold playing a singing gnome that is hopeful of coming home for the holidays, Ryan Beatty playing that one passionate kid that can’t wait for Santi to arrive, and Tyler playing this father figure that’s trying to convince his manager to leave early so he can meet Santi at the door. I think the song has its purpose in our lives, especially if you’re torn on whether or not you feel like paying for a $300 ticket to visit your family during Christmas time.

I can’t stress how much I want to hear a Santi Gold and Tyler, The Creator duet album!



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