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Doc Suess Pays Homage To His Hometown In “WYOMING” (Review & Stream)

Everyone from the 307, stand up and never sit down again for your hometown hero Doc Suess (Not even if your knees hurt)!

If you aren’t familiar with Doc Suess, all you need to know is that he raps tougher than any one of your favorite rapper’s favorite rappers. In “WYOMING,” his latest single, we get a chance to hear him pour his heart out about the state that taught him how to love the art of rapping.

Powered by this emotional instrumental, “WYOMING” starts off with some wisdom-filled words by Chris LeDoux about the similarities we all share among-st one another. From there, Doc Suess takes over the song, spitting nothing but flames about the grind he has been on since he’s left his city and how he’s been feeling this urge to want to come back to it sooner than later. I love how raw Doc’s bars are literally from start to finish, as he pieces his feelings together masterfully in his lyrics. I also like the how he did his best to decipher the beat he was handed, not letting it somber up the overall mood of the song.

Wyoming, you got a good one in Doc Suess



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