Hip Hop

The Lox Remain Relevant In The Rap Game After Releasing “Never Over” (Review & Stream)

The Lox are the most underrated group in hip hop history.

It’s been about 21 years since the first time I heard The Lox, and still til’ this day, they move the needle when it comes to tough ass street records. In their latest single, the trio dropped one of the most heinous records in hip hop this year — an absolute banger called “Never Over” that has them spitting bars over this altered version of KRS-ONE’s classic “The Bridge Is Over” beat. On their respective verses, they each spew out their street resumes, while also taking shots at their rapper foes (Among several other things). Fans of hip hop, you’ll love the flows, punchlines and rawness of literally every word our former Ruff Ryders spit, as they prove to the world that tough bars has always come easy to them.

Puff said, “10 years from now we’ll still be on top” in “Mo Money, Mo Problems,” and after 20, n***as is still relevant!




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