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Victor Oladipo Goes Toe To Toe With Trey Songz In “Drown” (Review & Stream)

Victor Oladipo’s high notes are just as good as his three point shot this year!

In my opinion, Victor Oladipo has gone 2/2 when it comes to releases these last two months. Judging by the first couple of listens, “Drown” should have him going 3/3. On it, him and Trey Songz talk about f**kin’ with their respective chicks utilizing some daring vocals over this vibrant instrumental that is just as high-octane as it is sensual. In my opinion, the way both of our heroes get lost in the emotions of the instrumental and the overall topic at hand is memorizing, and the melody they both dabble in is way too infectious to pass up.

You can never drown in some punani if you wear a life jacket, right? (I’m assuming drowning in punani is a bad thing)



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