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Quon Gives Us The Real On “Independent” (Review & Stream)

Fellas everywhere, get your pen and pad out so you can take notes while you’re listening to this song.

Quon is a rapper from Amarillo, Texas that loves to keep s**t 100 when it comes to everything from gettin’ money to wooing chicks. In his latest single, “Independent,” he decided to teach us his approach on how to deal with independent women, and trust me, it’s one of the realest s**t you’ll hear today. On literally every bar he spews, he keeps things trill, spitting with this consistent flow and giving us nothing but gutter lyrics. Aside from that, the instrumental he raps over is colder than winter, as it features this infectious bop and dope ass sample that lovers of old school Texas music will absolutely adore. All in all, the track is a banger, features a well-needed message, and gives off nothing but nostalgic vibes.

Quon, I have a lazy chick, can you teach me what to do?




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