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Marc Payne Gives Us Something Hyphy In “Push The Button” (Review & Stream)


I am all for pushing the button, just as long as it isn’t a red button…

Marc Payne is the definition of a talented artist: He raps, sings, makes beats, and probably even cooks a mean Lasagna dish, too! Today, he showcases his ability to make an authentic banger with “Push The Button,” and trust me, he succeeds in every type of way.

Powered by this bass-heavy instrumental that does a great job of getting pictures to fall off the walls of your house if played on some loud speakers, Marc gives us something extremely infectious, spitting animated bars revolving around flossing, finessin’ women and getting money. I love the energy attached to the track, as it does a great job of making wherever you listened to it feel like the club (Including a funeral home). All in all, I am a fan!

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