Jamit Gives Us Something Explosive In “Taeb Ecnad” (Review & Stream)

Jamit continues his hot streak.

You know what I love about Jamit’s artistry? You never know which direction he’s going to take when he makes music. You might get something futuristic, you might get something mellow, or you might get something that’s high in energy; in “Taeb Ecnad,” you get all the above!

“Taeb Ecnad” features a really good tempo, some action-packed vibes, and a melody that is nothing less than irresistible. When you combine all these elements together, you are gifted with this compelling gem that does a great job of getting you to move your feet and get your heart racing.

With this song being dedicated to the deceased King Stitt, an early DJ in Jamaica who made a tune by the same name, Jamit was able to capture this vibrant sound that I think will make him proud. Kudos to J!




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