Hip Hop

Meek Mill Unites With Fabolous & Anuel AA For “Uptown Vibes” (Review & Stream)

Meek Mill is 2/2 on Latin-inspired rap joints!

Now that Meek Mill is out of jail, I am so happy that he’s able to put all the bulls**t aside and finally make music. Last week, he talked about releasing a new album titled “Champions,” and today, we finally got a chance to hear the first single off of it.

“Uptown Vibes” is trill, sly, and has a good amount of reggaeton attached to it. As expected, Meek gives us the trill on his part, hammering through the explosive instrumental he was served with using some great energy. Fabolous has the second verse, and on his contribution, he relies on slick punchlines and solid word-play to carry him to the finish line. As for Anuel AA, he solidifies the song’s Latin roots, singing boisterously near the end of the song. All in all, I loved how electrifying “Uptown Vibes” was throughout, and can definitely see the track being one of those unique bangers that can get a myriad of music cultures to bob their heads.




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