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senpai Opens Up In “Love Me” (Review & Stream)


senpai holds nothing back in “Like Me.”

You know what I like about musicians like senpai? They tend to use their music as an opportunity to come across as relatable to listeners every chance they get. In “trials of heartbreak,” senpai’s latest project, he was able to give us eight straight introspective tunes, and personally, I love every second of it! One of my favorite tracks on the album is “Love Me” — a serene banger that has our hero utilizing this infectious melody and some pretty solemn singing to describe a myriad of complicated situations such as misguided relationships, over-drinking and back-stabbing friends. I enjoy how senpai navigates through the song finding a way to piece himself together, never stressing a single bar in the process. It definitely sets up this tranquil mood for everyone.

Make sure you check out senpai’s “trials of heartbreak” on all major streaming services.



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