“Vento Conmigo” will make you want to stop everything you’re doing in favor of hitting the nearest Latin club!

Reggaeton has clearly had a major influence on the music industry these last couple of months. Everyone from Justin Bieber to Beyonc√® has dabbled in the genre, gifting us with versions of the blazin’ hot genre that is more on the popish side. However, in my humbling opinion, the best type of Reggaeton is the one you hear on “Vento Conmingo.” The explosive track features this highly infectious rhythm, lots of sexy vibes, smooth vocals, and a splash of hip-hop attached to it. I love the chemistry between everyone involved in the song, as each artist got a legit chance to woo their respective chicks into following their waves through passion and tender lyrics.

Every time I hear music like “Vento Conmigo,” I realize how much I need Reggaeton in my life…