Call Me

Flyguy TK & Gungheiphatchoy Fiend For Love & Affection In “Call Me” (Review & Stream)


I don’t care what any one of you so-called tough guys say, at a certain point in our lives, we all need to have that one main squeeze that knows exactly what to do to make us feel appreciated. In “Call Me,” both Flyguy TK and Gungheiphatchoy talk about the importance of this, gifting us with this smooth jam that is heavy on both R&B and trap vibes.

On their respective verses, both Flyguy TK and Gungheiphatchoy talk about struggling to be on the same page with their lovers, and how that disconnect has caused them to take drugs and have near suicidal thoughts (Sad, right?). As a listener that has been through such turmoil, I found every word they spewed on their verses relatable, and applauded both of them for showing a great amount of openness. Aside from that, I truly enjoyed how each of the artists road the beat they were gifted with well, dabbling in unique flows and heavily melodic approaches to get their points across. Well done, fellas!

These two brothers on this song aren’t crying, someone was just cutting onions in the studio, that’s all!



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