Alisa Chirco Gets Lost In The Moment On “Give Me More” (Review)


I just love how Alisa Chirco lets loose in her music!

Alisa Chirco is one of those artists that makes every single lyric she delivers sound divine through infectious melodies and soulful crooning. This means listeners are sure to build a connection with the songstress whenever you press play on one of her songs. In Alisa’s latest single, “Give Me More,” she decided to open up about her love life and how one special individual she’s into has this unbelievable touch that makes her feel like she’s sitting on top of the world. I love how real the passion feels in every note Alisa delivers, how powerful her lyrical content comes across, and the intense feel of the futuristic instrumental that powers the song.

Make sure you listen to “Give Me More” at the top of the page! Also, keep tabs on Alisa’s musical journey at the following links below:





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