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Chance The Rapper Gives Us Something Soulful In “The Man Who Has Everything” (Review & Stream)


S**t, I’ve been waiting on some new Chance like I’ve been waiting for these corns on my feet to go away!

One of my favorite Chance The Rapper sounds has become his introspective one. I feel like the tracks where he simply gets a chance to tell the world about his current mindset/way of living is his best. In “The Man Who Has Everything,” you get just that.

Gassed up by this slow-paced/bluesy instrumental, Chance gets an opportunity to talk about his relationships, desires, and intent on remaining this simple individual that wants the best for himself and everyone around him. His approach to rap on the song is as basic as it gets, as he effortlessly hammers through his verses using this lethargic delivery. Sometimes lethargic for him is good.

How in the world can anyone hate on Chance The Rapper? He spews so much knowledge in his music.



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