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Chance The Rapper Links Up With Joey Purpp For “My Own Thing” (Review & Stream)



I’ve been waiting on some new Chance like I’ve been waiting on Flamin’ Hot Cheetos to be banned in America.

“My Own Thing” is one of those lighthearted tracks that has Chance the Rapper coming across like a big kid: That means rapping so childishly that it’s hard to take his topics of building an everlasting life with a new fiance sound relatable. Then again, sounding childish has always been one of his many styles of rapping, so I am not surprised.

I thought Joey Purpp was the best thing about this song. He provided it with this gritty verse that had him hammering through the playful instrumental he was served with like a n***a that was actually here to be serious. Thank you for saving this song, Joey!

Chance The Rapper is cool and all, but his window of sounding like a Rugrat on tracks is slowly closing.






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