Rich The Kid is splashin’ on us! (Wait, ewwww)

Rich The Kid has had a really good 2018. Not only was he on some serious features, but he also dropped an album called “The World Is Yours” that I thought was extremely solid. Today, he has officially began the roll-out of “The World Is Yours 2” with a brand new single called “Splashin,” and all I can say is that it is hotter than Grandma’s fried chicken. The track features this bass boomin’ instrumental that does a great job of f**king up housing foundations and encouraging n***as to be sly. On this instrumental, Rich The Kid brags and boasts nonstop, promoting his Gucci flip flops and bigging up his plug for the 100th consecutive song on both his verses and the hook. Overall, I f**k with the track for both its catchiness and club potential, even if that means looking past Rich’s blahzay-blahzay lyrical content.

Why do I think Rich The Kid is so f**kin’ tight? Am I suffering from the early stages of ear infection?