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Ill-Advised Wise Guys – Dislocated Buttocks… (Episode 40)

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The ill-advised wise guys are back with their fresh, hilarious and always insightful takes on some of the hottest hip hop/rap newest releases of the year.

The guys start the show off discussing the unfolding Dwight Howard saga, reminisce on what music life was like prior to high speed internet and is the Ratings Game Music accepting payola? LOL. After all the small talk, they dive right into the gauntlet of newly released music! After all of the legal battles Meek Mill has been through within the past few years, has he arisen to the top with the release of his Championships album? Does 6ix9ine’s Dummy Boy project perfectly match the legal situation he has gotten himself into? Are you finally ready to give Jaden Smith his credit after the release of The Sunset Story project? Is J.I.D hip hop’s rookie of the year after dropping his DiCaprio 2 project? After releasing The Last Rocket, is it safe to say Takeoff lacks charisma? The wise guys answer all of these questions and MUCH MORE on this episode. Indulge! #illadvisedwiseguys

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