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Jamie-Rose Keeps It Raw In “Bombay” (Review & Stream)


The girl next door has just gotten her chance to woo her prey.

I love when singers hold nothing back when they make music, especially when it comes to some potential club s**t. In “Bombay, that is exactly what you get, as  Brisbane, Australian singer/songwriter, Jamie-Rose, shows nothing but fearlessness on it, letting the world know that she’s down for some serious romance once the after-party gets started. In my opinion, listeners will love the bass-heavy instrumental she sings over, her serene yet passionate vocals, and most importantly, the carefree lyrical content she delivers throughout. It’s almost like we were gifted with an opportunity to seep into her mind and soul, and in return, she made sure the experience was an interesting one.

In all honesty, Jamie-Rose has star-power written all over her!





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