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TM88 Links Up With Valee & Lil Yachty For “Hmmm” (Review & Stream)


TM88 might be the most slept on producer today.

TM88 is clearly prepping something major, and all we can do at this time is wait for it. In the meantime, he decided to drop his latest single called “Hmmm,” and it features Valee and Lil Yachty. Together, the trio was able to create this wicked trap banger that has both rappers acting reckless, braggadocios and cold.

While I love the confidence you get from both Yachty and Valee on their respective verses on this song (I really do), I have a problem with their shaky flows and corny ass punchlines. Then again, they’ve each been rapping like this for years now, so I shouldn’t be surprised at what I heard.

Seriously, the punchlines on this song are horrid.



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