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Dj Cro-G Gets Your Blood Flowing In “Severance Delight” (Dreamer Version Instrumental)


DJ Cro-G isn’t from this planet…

DJ Cro-G is a DJ/producer that isn’t into speaking much. Instead, he opts to let his music do all the talking for him. Well, if that’s the case, his music must be one of those extroverts in the room that knows how to turn a party inside out, because “Severance Delight (Dreamers Version)” is high-octane! Not only does it feature some heavy-hitting drumming and futuristic vibes that practically forces you out of your seat, but the passion, soul and emotion that you hear throughout it is addictive! Matter of fact, I felt like I was being taken on this emotional roller-coaster ride that had its share of jerks, random stops and dives listening to it. Yes, listeners, you get your money’s worth.

Make sure you check out DJ Cro-G’s “Severance Delight (Dreamer’s Version)” HERE! Trust me, it will blow your mind.




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