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T-Pain Returns With An Explosive New Banger Called “That’s Yo Money” (Review & Stream)


Mr. Auto-Tune is back to falling in love with strippers again, folks!

I dare you to find a n***a in hip hop history that made tougher strip club records than T-Pain. From day one, it was obvious that he had an affinity for scantily clad women, especially considering how amped up the songs he dedicated towards them were. Well, in 2018, it seems not much has changed, because the self-proclaimed Teddy Penderassdown is back to his reckless ways, spending money, smashing and ultimately falling in love with the strippers of the world. I ain’t mad at it for two reasons: Firstly, what he was able to create here was catchy as hell, and secondly, I am learning more and more that love can come from all kind of places :).



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