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THE Atif Returns With The Fiery “Prickly Heat” (Review & Stream)

The Atif holds nothing back in “Prickly Heat.”

The Atif are one of those bands that makes explosive instrumentals and sing fearlessly whenever they get the chance. In “Prickly Heat,” their latest single, they were able to gift us with something that is exhilarating, empowering and flat-out enjoyable.

From the moment you press-play on “Prickly Heat,” you are treated to heavy-hitting drumming, electrifying guitar-play and fearless crooning. With the topic of the song revolving around getting lost in the intensity of the moment, it’s only appropriate that as the song goes on, it gets more and more intense. Aside from that, the track boasts this infectious melody that does a good job of setting up camp in your head, threatening to stay there for a couple of weeks.

I can’t stress to you how cohesive, talented and skilled THE Atif is. They are the real deal, and in my opinion, worth the listen every single time.



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