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Bow Wow Opens Up In “Wish I Never Met Her” (Review & Stream)

I wish I never pressed play on this song…

I’m not 100% opposed to Bow Wow singing, but when he lays down vocals the way he does on “Wish I Never Met Her,” I second guess my feelings towards it.. Don’t get me wrong, the topic that powers the song is magnificent, as it revolves around stumbling across a b*tch so bad that you start acting out of character and s**t, but frfr, it’s his sloppy crooning that turns me off about this song. At times, he sounds muddled, coming across like a n***a with a virus, and as for the rest of the time, he sounds straight up confused, not knowing how to effectively lay his notes down. s**t, singing ain’t for everybody…

This song is just dumb and predictable.



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