Waka Flocka Drops “BIRTHDAY FREESTYLE” (Review & Stream)

If there is a place in hip hop for Waka Flocka, it’s hanging by a thread…

I definitely f**k with Waka Flocka, as he comes across as a real ass n***a when he talks. However, musically, I’ve never been super impressed by what he’s been able to do. I have a feeling he knows this, which is why as of late he’s been resorting to more of a rapping/freestyle type of approach. Personally, I respect this way of thinking, but in all honesty, I’m not a fan of him playing lyrical God either. Nonetheless, his bars about keeping it real, learning from mistakes and violence all feel authentic on this song.

I think Waka should retire from rap and turn into a sound effects coordinator or something.



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