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G-Herbo Gets Mushy In “My Baby” (Review & Stream)

Woah, G-Herbo is capable of loving something other than the chopper?

One of the most heinous rappers in the game is G-Herbo. He talks about killing more than an army soldier, and his raspy voice typically makes him come across as a villain. But when the Remy hits the system, sometimes n***as like him get sentimental. I ain’t mad at it!

On “My Baby,” Herbo’s latest single, he pays homage to a chick of his that has had his back through thick & thin, promising to always hold her down while also talking about putting work in on that vagina. Even though his flow is terrible on the track, and he sounds like he’s on NightQuil vocally, I f**k with the sentimental vibes of the track as a whole.

Thugs need love too, folks!



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