Jamit Links Up With Franco Paulsen & Yuriko For “Pole Vault” (Review & Stream)

Just in time for Christmas, Jamit, Franco Paulsen and Yuriko gift us with this fantastic song we can all vibe out to.

As you may know, Jamit is one of my favorite producers on this site. His mentality of giving us something futuristic with a blend of colorfulness has always caught my attention. In “Pole Vault,” his latest offering, he brought his friends along for a ride so high-octane, the bumps you will go through might very well faze you.

First and foremost, the instrumental to this song is absolutely fantastic. It boasts this techno vibe that has a consistent pace and dark nature that gets more and more intense as it plays on. From there, you get well-placed samples throughout — ones that ensure you that nothing is normal about what you’re listening to. When you combine all of these aspects together, you’ll realize Jamit, Franco Paulsen and Yuriko were probably sent here from another planet.

OK, Jamit, Franco Paulsen and Yuriko weren’t actually sent here from another planet, but they are bringing you their music from places all over the world: Jamit (The individual responsible for sound design) from Singapore, Franco Paulsen (The individual responsible for arrangements) from Melbourne, Australia, and Yuriko (The individual responsible for the vocals you hear) also from Singapore. Honestly, I couldn’t tell, as their chemistry sounds pretty solid on this song.

Make sure you listen to “Pole Vault” HERE! It’s totally worth it…



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