RMZ Keez NataS Ducks Spirits In “Holy Duppy” (Review & Stream)

RMZ Keez NataS absolutely goes to work on this song!

I really f**k with this joint a lot! First and foremost, the beat that powers it is fire, as it boasts this piano-heavy sound that also has these heavy-hitting elements attached to it (It sorta reminds me of some Cali s**t, to be honest). From there, RMZ Keez NataS draws listeners in with this highly infectious hook that is tough yet infectious enough to get the clubs jumpin’. However, my favorite part about this song is RMZ’s raps on his verse: I love the way he peels through the beat utilizing a consistent flow and surefire aggression, successfully convincing me that the evil spirits that are trying to reach his soul will get denied entry at the door. All in all, “Holy Duppy” is dope, and certainly gave me the rap fix I needed in my life.



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