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Trippie Redd Gets Sensual In “What’s My Name” (Review & Stream)

Is Trippie Redd smashing a chick that has memory loss?

Trippie Redd has certainly convinced me that he’s more of a R&B singer than a rapper, which is why I am no longer surprised when I hear him breakout into full out singer mode in songs. However, when he gets romantic, that s**t does throw me off a bit, and that’s kind-of what he gives us onĀ  “What’s My Name.”

Gassed up by this R&B-heavy instrumental, Trippie talks about getting lost in his ladies vajayjay using this highly infectious hook and very sultry lyrics. I enjoy the melody he was able to deliver for us throughout, but feel completely weirded out at his interest in wanting to turn into a modern day Keith Sweat.

Trippie Redd is looking like a Koopa kid more and more these days…



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