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Young Deuces Leaves Quite The Impression On “Stay With Me” (Review & Stream)

Young Deuces’ will to win is inspiring…

Personally, there is nothing I love more than a rapper that displays passion in their music. Not only does it make for some really good tunes, but it usually motivates, too, encouraging listeners to put that extra work into whatever their desired craft is. In “Stay With Me” by Young Deuces, music lovers are treated to lots of passion, and it comes out in the form of clever punchlines, a heavy-hitting/soulful instrumental, and most importantly, emotional bars. From start to finish, you can tell Deuces wants you engaged in his come-up story, as he sticks the landing when it comes to appealing lines and heartfelt sentiments. I tell ya, if nothing he says reaches your soul, you need Jesus and all of his disciples in your life.

If you need a rap fix, this song is it.


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