R. Kelly Releases “Born To My Music” (Review & Stream)

Holy s**t, R. Kelly dropped a song we can two-step to here. 2019 is about to be lit, folks!

Hate’em or love’em, R. Kelly should be considered a musical legend. It seems like he knows this, cause on “Born To Music,” he brags and boasts about the effects his old school jams has had on all of the baby-makers of the world. While the lyrics of the song comes across as a bit awkward at times, I do love it’s dance vibes, as the uptempo instrumental and vibrant crooning Kelly delivers throughout will literally make you want to shake your ass and ask your uncle to pass the potato salad if it’s played at a family barbecue. S**t, this is classic R. Kelly if you ask me!

Anyone else afraid to admit that you like R. Kelly’s new s**t?



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  1. Another release when the heat is on. God complex kicks in to remind his flock to stay loyal cause he birthed your kids. 🥴 Lame fan manipulation song before the documentary. It’s not even poppin. Sounds like something from the 90’s that old ass family members with no teeth were 2 steppin to

    • LMAO! I Loved this comment. I actually like lame ass 90’s family music, it’s my favorite part during family reunions. Musically, I think the song is pretty good. Unfortunately, it’s from a dude that might give Satan a run for evilest of all time. Appreciate your comment, and love that you held nothing back here!

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