Everyone has a bit of Roddy Ricch in us (OK, that sounded weird). 

If I were to guess, Roddy Ricch is going to be nominated for rookie of the year in 2019. Something about his persona makes you want to root for him, even though he sounds very similar to a bunch of cats in the game. In the Tank God produced “Better,” the Compton rapper gives us nothing but passion, letting the world know about his come-up story, hustling ways and knack for balling. I love how passionate he is from start to finish on this song, especially how he peels through his verses utilizing this animated style of singing. Aside from that, his lyrical content is real as s**t, even though most of the things he talks about on his verses are beyond unattainable to regular/boring people like myself.

I’m putting stock on Roddy Ricch succeeding this year.