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Trippie Redd Hops On Fedez & Tedua’s “Che Cazzo Ridi” (Review & Stream)


Oh s**t, look at Trippie Redd getting that Italian money!

Trippie Redd has done it all: I’m talking spit tough bars, play a fake R&B singer, and today, assist two Italian singers in making an explosive pop record called “Che Cazzo Ridi.”

While I do not understand a single word Fedez & Tedua are saying on this song, I do f**k with the passionate singing they do throughout. Matter of fact, it almost feels like they are intent on making listeners feel their words just as much as hear it. As for Trippie Redd, his part sounds a bit odd in the grand scheme of things, mainly because he’s the only English speaking muthaf**ka on it. However, the song does call for a wild and crazy singer to be on it, though.

I wonder how these two acts got together for a song…



2 thoughts on “Trippie Redd Hops On Fedez & Tedua’s “Che Cazzo Ridi” (Review & Stream)

  1. They’re actually italian. As for how they got on this gig, Fedez’s friend is a friend of Travis Scott or something. All three of them did a great job tbh

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