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D’Champ Lets Loose In “I Just Been” (Review & Stream)


D’ Champ spits hard on this song.

D’ Champ is yet another big time artist from Toronto, Canada that makes solid rap music. With 2018 being one of the biggest years of his career,  he looks to continue his success into 2019, gifting us with a brand new single called “I Just Been” that is as explosive as it is unapologetic.

You know what I love about “I Just Been?” D’ Champ is unchained on it, as he spits with this consistent flow, unmerciful lyrical content, and a level of confidence that is hard to ignore. With the topic of the song revolving around one-night stands and how it can have an impact on everything from your career to how your friends view you, I felt the bounciness our hero rapped with was beyond appropriate.

Why does the topic of one night stands intrigue me so much?



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